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Ami Amore's web store goes live

Ami Amore` has launched a new online store for her handmade jewelry and artwork Amorticious.

Amorticious is Ami Amore's lovechild of her lifelong affair with visual arts and can best be described as morbid luxury with an eclectic, ethereal flair. Ever-evolving, she specializes in unique adornments for the head and body made with natural elements like crystals and animal bones, feathers, upcycled bits and pieces and much more.

View her return to art in the mediums of painting and printmaking.

Paintings by Ami Amore

Excerpt from her bio: In short, I have a wide list of accomplishments, but I am most proud of my drive to make my many passions a sustaining career. With years of hard work and determination, I currently boast 2 dance troupes – Exotic Rhythms (started 2006) and Mosaic (in 2012), monthly sold-out “Bellydance Bootcamps”, teaching 8 classes per week (5 dance and 3 yoga), being a sought after performer, choreographer, workshop presenter and a successful belly dance show producer and event host.

Ami's main site

View her dance troupe site for a list of upcoming performances, available workshops and videos from previous events.

Exotic Rhythms Belly Dance Site

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