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The Hand Of Fate

Hand Of Fate St Louis

The show wouldn't have happened without everyone's support and constant inspiration from Ami Amore'.

Of course without life long support from my parents this and any other art show wouldn't have happened.

The works by Ami Amore` and myself will be up until the end of July.

HECTV.ORG came to the opening and did a segment. They're video is below.

Photo's from the show will be up soon.

If you likes a performance from the show and want to see more please look up the performers to see they're upcoming schedules. Also please reach out to the fortune tellers

Thanks to all of the performers

Rowan Allura Fette Tetta Wardah Swan of ERBD Amaiyah of ERBD Julya Kae Burlesque by:

Shazza Dazzla, making her big return from Louisiana.

Thanks to the Fortune Tellers

T Romana Powers and Madame Delune.

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