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New products coming soon

I've been working on some new things for the online store and upcoming events. Some of these will be available 6/25/16 at the St Louis Tower Grove Pride celebration. Tower Grove Pride 2016 Event Page

Understandably not everyone can afford original art. I wanted to be able to offer something at a lower price point without throwing junk on the table for $5.00. I also wanted to put some form of creativity into this even if it's just label design. Of course with me it's never that simple.

I've been working hard on a line of natural, vegan products. These aren't something I've ordered pre made and just slapped a label on. I tested different recipes and ingredients until I had a consistent product that I was satisfied with.

I currently have 3 different styles of Lip Balm. They come in options of natural/unflavored, cocoa butter and mint chocolate.

These lip balm ingredients have natural benefits in addition to helping dry lips like collagen retention, anti inflammation, and can help with mild nausea

I also have a coffee body scrub available in 8 oz tubs. The scrub uses the natural ingredients to exfoliate and moisturize. No plastic micro beads have been added. Other benefits of the ingredients are reduction of swelling and inflammation, Temporary firming and tightening of the skin.

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