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The Blooming Artist Project update

Blooming Artist 2017 final

I've been working hard on my painting for The Blooming Artist Project. I'm finally finished and I'm excited for my partnered student to see work that was inspired by her art.

I also streamed some of the painting process on twitch. I was my first time streaming and it was quite a learning experience. The Blooming Artist Project is actually one of the inspirations for me to paint on twitch. The artist interview inspired my to share more of the painting process and connect with people through art. the stream can be found at

Below is my artist statement.

During my interview with Julia we discussed why she chose the iconic image of a guitar and the impact of music on her life. I was reminded of how inspiring and influential music was to me from a very early age. To me playing guitar and listening to music was a major part of my life and always found a way into my art. Our conversation inspired me to research a possible origin story of the guitar with the Goddess Clio. The main subject of my painting is a representation of Clio portrayed from a screen print of a classic burlesque dancer. Clio is a Goddess of many things. One of those is Goddess of the lyre, an early stringed instrument. Julia created her piece in metal, which is one of my favorite subjects to paint. I wanted to portray different metals in various stages. I wanted to paint a clean sparkling metal guitar, a corroded gold gate to the afterlife and finally Keres the Goddess of Doom painted as a bronze statue below. I imagined a scene of a strong female image, a goddess playing us to the end of the world. Or maybe the end of an era into a new. That may be the most metal thing I've ever heard.

Below are a few images from the work in progress

Friday May 12th, 7:00pm -11:00pm

1900 Park Ave St Louis, MO 63104 The exhibit runs from May 12th through the 28th

The Student & Master Artist pairs for this year are: Eliyah Grimes-Jackson with Julie Bell Tamnia Landeiro with Marilynne Bradley Rose Houghton with Allison Bruenger Finley Surwillo with Josie Cammarata Celia Friedrich with Kim Kienbusch Cliffe Lydia Burkett with Joe Dil Kate Polovina with Nick Dunne Ethan Sage with Greg Greisenauer Phoebe Ackerman with Terry Hinkle Kara Griffin & Maggie Haselbauer with Arleana Holtzmann Megan McKean with Theresa Hopkins Kate Bellon with Tom Hunt Whitney Miller with Kat Kissick Ben Schmiemeier with Kerry Lindner Analiese Smith with Adam Long Tempest Anthony with Tim Kent Tamon Watson with April Morrison Geraldine Flores with Chris Mouser Navy Noble with Zoe Nicholson Ashley Pickett with Lisa Payne Sean Foley with Nelson Perez Bailey Trout with Michael Quintero Esha Kale with Michelle Lee Rigell Khayden Cole with Rachel Henry Santel Holly Nielsen with Jeff Sass Alexa Pappas with Khris Scharfenberger Megan Tiggard with Eric Scott Shultis Ellie Wilson with John Salozzo Vincent Duong with Cat S. Terry Maya Murray with Dianne Tessman Divine Robinson with Jeane Vogel Julia Stahlhuth with J.T. Walls Diamond Ryhmes with Mark WitzlingEndFragment

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Created by Marilyn Callahan in 2013, and co-directed by Philly Alex Johnmeyer, The Blooming Artists Project is beginning its fourth year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Project involves St. Louis elementary, middle school, and high school students creating works of art based upon a theme, technique, or subject matter. By late December, classroom teachers each choose a number of students who demonstrate passion, talent, or potential with their work. High school teachers identify those students who may consider a career in art, while elementary and middle school instructors select students who demonstrate a desire to explore and create. Cadres of professional artists, defined as individuals who have developed their creative skills and who work professionally in the visual arts, are invited to participate.

By January, The Project pairs the selected student with their master artist, inviting the participants to meet and interview each other, this year at locally owned Artmart. During this initial meeting, each artist has the opportunity to discuss his or her work, ideas, and medium. After the meeting, the seasoned artists return to their studios to produce creations, inspired by the students’ art. The Project encourages an on-going communication between the two artists, as the work progresses.

Allowing two months for the master artists to create a companion piece, The Blooming Artist Project reunites the partners at a gallery exhibition and opening reception… this year on May 12th, 2017 at 1900 Park Creative Space and Gallery. The students experience a professional exhibit with their work matted, framed, and hung adjacent to their mentor’s creation. The display remains open for the month of May, allowing families, friends, and visitors to celebrate and recognize these blooming artists!


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