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The Blooming Artist Project

I'm excited to be involved in this years Blooming Artist Project. The artist have completed their interviews and have met their student partners. We met the students at Artmart to get an idea of their art backgrounds and the inspiration for their pieces accepted into the project. It also gave us a change to show examples of our work and get inspiration for the upcoming show. Now well have a chance to work on a unique piece of art inspired by the student's work. ArtMart is lending their space to allow the artists and students work together between now and the deadline.

Below are a few images from our interview.

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Created by Marilyn Callahan in 2013, and co-directed by Philly Alex Johnmeyer, The Blooming Artists Project is beginning its fourth year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Project involves St. Louis elementary, middle school, and high school students creating works of art based upon a theme, technique, or subject matter. By late December, classroom teachers each choose a number of students who demonstrate passion, talent, or potential with their work. High school teachers identify those students who may consider a career in art, while elementary and middle school instructors select students who demonstrate a desire to explore and create. Cadres of professional artists, defined as individuals who have developed their creative skills and who work professionally in the visual arts, are invited to participate.

By January, The Project pairs the selected student with their master artist, inviting the participants to meet and interview each other, this year at locally owned Artmart. During this initial meeting, each artist has the opportunity to discuss his or her work, ideas, and medium. After the meeting, the seasoned artists return to their studios to produce creations, inspired by the students’ art. The Project encourages an on-going communication between the two artists, as the work progresses.

Allowing two months for the master artists to create a companion piece, The Blooming Artist Project reunites the partners at a gallery exhibition and opening reception… this year on May 12th, 2017 at 1900 Park Creative Space and Gallery. The students experience a professional exhibit with their work matted, framed, and hung adjacent to their mentor’s creation. The display remains open for the month of May, allowing families, friends, and visitors to celebrate and recognize these blooming artists!


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