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Will you do commission/ custom work?

Yes! Just go to my contact page and reach out to me with your ideas. We can discuss your ideas and go from there. Once we confirm everything a 30% deposit will be required to get everything started. The commission will include progress photos of the work.

I live in St Louis or will be traveling in the area. Can I buy something without shipping and pick it up?

Yes! Just go to my contact page with your request. I’ll send you a link for payment and you will get an invoice just like anyone else that makes a purchase in the store. No on-site payments unless it's at a festival or event. Item must be paid for in advance.  We’ll pick a safe place to meet and go from there. If the item is an original piece it will be removed from the store and reserved for you.

I have a party or event coming up. Are you available to do live art?

Yes! Just go to my contact page with the details. Please include the date, description of the event, location or at least basic area of the event. We can discuss more from there.

Are you’re lip balms/body scrubs unisex?

Sure. They aren’t really geared toward any one type or the other. They all have a mild natural smell with slightly sweet undertones from the essential oils. No perfumes or dyes. They moisturize and or scrub all without judgement.

I’m not a vegan. Why would I want vegan lip balm?

Lip balm does not care. It smells like brownie batter and it’s glorious.

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